Apple Notes vs Evernote: Which Note-Taking App Is Better

Evernote is the oldest note-taking app that has earned numerous accolades. Evernote is widely used in office-related tasks and has been the choice of many for a long time.

In todays world, everyone knows how important note-taking is. Note-taking is really important as it helps you keep all the things in an organized way. There is a wide range of note-taking apps available but Apple Notes and Evernotes are at the top

Evernote is the oldest note-taking app that has earned numerous accolades. Evernote is widely used in office-related tasks and has been the choice of many for a long time. If you want to keep your notes, important documents, and web clippings, you should really look no further than this. This wonderful note-taking app can serve you the purpose.

When it comes to Apple users, they use Apple Notes because Apple Notes is compatible with their iOS and macOS devices. Technology has seen major modifications with the passage of time. Before giving a try, it is important to know how Apple Notes and Evernote are different from each other. You may have heard the name of both of these apps but if you are in two minds about which one to use, there is no need to worry. You are already in the right place.

A Quick Glance at Both The Apps

Apple Notes has been very simple to use owing to its easy to use interface. It generally focuses on simplicity. If you have a look at Evernote, the developers of Evernote have made constant efforts to make it feature-rich and are continuously trying to roll out some great features with the release of the latest version. If you are tech-savvy, you may already know what are the pros and cons of each software. There is a wide range of software but which one is going to suit your needs just depends on your requirements.

Cross-Platform Availability

Apple users always find themselves in trouble when it comes to cross-platform availability. Apple Notes is available only for iPadOS, macOS, and iOS users. Evernote can be used on almost all operating systems, be it Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and many others.

User Interface

Both apps are primarily intended for those who want to keep their notes, relevant documents in an organized manner. If you talk about Apple Notes, it is highly appreciated for its outstanding features. It displays you the notebook folders on the left side but notes on the right side. One thing you may not like about Apple Notes is the position of the formatting bar at the top. The worst thing about it is, you cant hide it because there is no such option.

If you like interfaces, Evernote is the one that can make you fall in love with itself. Its user interface is appealing to the eyes. It has a default theme in the dark color that doesnt let your eyes feel tired- thanks to less brightness. The sidebar of Evernote has useful options like tags and trash. It has various useful options that allow you to take a view in different ways.

Note Organization

Organizing notes is important as the task of organizing notes makes it easy for you to search for the desired notes in a couple of clicks. When it comes to Apple Notes, you can create oodles of notebooks. In addition to it, you can simply create sub-notebooks. Evernote measures up to expectations when it comes to organizing notes. With the help of Evernote, its easy to add a number of tags to the desired note. Adding tags is a great option that makes Evernote more useful.

All in all, both the apps are good for note-taking. However, if you want more compatibility, then it is better to go for Evernote.

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