How to Get Sobble in Pokemon Café Mix

It’s the perseverance of Nintendo that has helped its games to achieve success, whether it is an action compact genre or an augmented reality-based game, all its games have been successful.

Recently, they have brought up their new video game in the market known as Pokemon Caf Mix, and thus in a few weeks, it has started gathering acclamation from all over the world. The primary reason for this goes to Nintendos persistence of adding new features, events, and characters to the game. Its been a month since Pokemon Caf Mix has arrived in the market and they have already added various new characters to it. Last week they added a new character known as Sobble, and in this article, we are going to share how to get Sobble in Pokemon Caf Mix.

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How to Get Sobble

Gamers are getting crazy about assigning Sobble as a staff member in their caf. Players need to be quick because they are not the only restaurant in the Pokemon Caf Mix world, their major competitors such as PokeBaristas are also looking for him. Thus, players need to be quick, and once Sobble enters their caf, they need to take care of him.

The most general principle of acquaintance is to interact, and thus gamers need to send their best waiter to the Sobble table. They need to serve him a glass of water consecutively five times, then their friendship with Sobble will surely increase. Now, gamers need to invite the Sobble to a party, and once the Sobble successfully accepts their invitation, it means that he is ready to work for you. Gamers who are keen to recruit Sobble need to be aware of PokeBaristas because they are also trying to add Sobble into their lineup.

Players also need to know that Sobble is perfect only in serving water to the customers. Players also need to know that an event known as Special Customer will soon be in the world of Pokemon Caf Mix. The special Customer will only love the hospitality of your Caf when Sobble serves the water to him. Thus, now gamers must understand why the recruitment of Sobble in their caf is so necessary.


The article contains information about Sobble, the newly added character in Pokemon Caf Mix. In this article, we have provided specific steps to help the gamers recruit Sobble into their caf. We hope that all the players who have visited this article will be successful in recruiting Sobble.

Pokemon Caf Mixcan be played onNintendo Switch,iOS, andAndroiddevices