Six Effective Tactics to Get More Leads on Instagram

Do you want to spread your business on social media platforms? Or are you worried about not reaching the correct audience? Well, you are not the only one. Without using the right tactics, you might not be able to get many leads.

Do you want to spread your business on social media platforms? Or are you worried about not reaching the correct audience? Well, you are not the only one. Without using the right tactics, you might not be able to get many leads.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Hordes of users, including small start-ups to big companies and also consumers, widely use this media.

Learning a few tactics would help you grow and perform better. Instagram is also changing and improving itself to provide its user with a friendly medium to socialize and connect. Every year it is updating the application and introducing some cool features that are making life easy. This article is about how you can use Instagram most effectively and efficiently to reach your target audiences and eventually get leads.

Lead advertisements

Lead advertisements are an excellent way to reach and know the audience in a much better way. Lead ads can help you get the details of the customers such as their background, status, and requirement.

The company can decide who their real customer is and how they can effectively reach them. Lead ads are efficient in evaluating the demand for the product and also provide a scope to improve. It is easily accessible to the customers, too, and they dont have to search the company website or put extra effort.

Swipe Up

Swipe up feature in the Instagram stories is very useful. It is a user-friendly feature and easily accessible. To enable this feature, one has to have a large number of followers. Then the account holder can put some links through their stories and add the swipe up option.

The swipe-up term can be changed with link is in the below, or to know more swipe-up the screen, etcetera. According to the data, 30% of the audience reach the company through the swipe-up option.


A contest is always a very engaging way to involve the audience. It is also a very effective way to know your customers intimately, so one must conduct it often. The brand manager can declare gifts, prices, or even discount offers.

Encourage people to take surveys and share their opinions on the product and the services or if they have any feedback for them. The marketing team can produce promotional videos to reach different people from every area

Contest and discount offers will increase the sales and also the winning percentage of the page. Even if the brand couldnt end up selling many products, the engagement percentage will cause profit to the brand.


Having good terms with influencers is a great way to market the product. Many of the fashion, food, and retail companies have a partnership with the influencers. This partnership would help to reach to their followers too, hence increasing the reach percentage of the brand.

An influencer is a human resource to the company and will help bring his/her followers to the table. Before recruiting, influencers make sure that they have a good and loyal following in social media because if they dont have, then the product might not reach the target audience.

Landing page

Having the right landing page is very important to make an excellent first impression.

The page must look convincing enough to spend a few more minutes on it. Make sure that it isnt too crowded or too bland. Both cases will leave the audience distracted and confused. Prepare an engaging page with limited options to click.


Use the bio space properly. One can put all the information about the company and brand appropriately in the bio. The brand can share its work link in that space, so when people reach the page, the audience can know about the brand and work it has done till now. It will help to present the product better.

Try to put all essential links in the bio, but dont make them too large. Too large links are distracting and do not give any idea what this link is about, which is eventually ignored by the customers.

These are a few tactics you can use to get leads on Instagram. So try to apply them and grow your business.

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