Parental control is a feature in your devices which can limit the activities of kids and manage their phone accordingly. Now you can use this feature in Google Play Store for setting some perimeters for your kids as the store has some content that is not for kids.

The best part of the feature is there is no need to link your account to their device and you only have to set a password to start the feature. The feature will provide you functions beneficial for taking control in your hand of your kids device. Here is how to set it:

1. Start Google Play on your kids device.

2. Select three-line near search bar in the upper left corner.

3. Click settings.

4. Hit on parental controls.

5. Turn on the button next to parental control are off.

6. Make a password.

7. Click ok.

8. Set the password again.

9. Click ok.

10.Now feature is set.

11. It will show the content according to the selected settings. If the device belongs to a teenager, then put settings on the rating of Mature, then it will show the content between Teen to Mature category.

12. After setting a category in settings, the store will stop the process of downloading.

13. Now, click ok.

14. Hit save.

15. Do the same steps again from 9-11 with every group.

16. Once you are done with the settings, click back arrow for exits the menu. This is necessary because if you give the device back to your kids, they can move easily off the setting by clicking the parental control off.

With this, you can set content only like apps, TV shows, and movies, You have specific categories to configure the settings of these contents. You wont be able to do the same with music and books; for these content, you have only single closure that you can switch on to allow or switch off.

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There is no need to do anything else rather than setting parental lock. When you set up the lock, It will automatically limit the updated version of those apps not belonging to the category. We hope the blog will help you to control their devices. It can show how concerned you are about the upbringing of your kids, moreover that this can be counted as a positive way to guiding your kids.

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